Our growth is constant in line with the success of our customers

Market volatility provides CEMs and OEMs with regular supply challenges from within the authorized distributor network that can slow production or even stop production lines. Our ability to source electronic components globally allows us to find what you need when you need it, keeping your supply chain moving and driving product sales.

Global Network

    We have branches in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Support you through the most complete and comprehensive network in the industry.

Market Intelligence

    Over 15 years of unparalleled global market insight, providing procurement and supply chain intelligence in increasingly complex and demanding markets.

Entire Solution

    Design solutions for customers, support the entire BOM, and find alternative solutions for customers in case of chip shortage

Our Team

    A global team of knowledgeable experts, combining rich experience with extensive product lifecycle and supply chain expertise,  ready to meet your current and future needs.