Foxconn's New Business Headquarters Is Established In Zhengzhou!Hon Hai Liu Yangwei: To Create A New

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  Foxconn New Business Headquarters was unveiled in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province on April 25. Liu Yangwei, chairman and general manager of Foxconn Technology Group, Secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, unveiled.Liu Yangwei said at the unveiling ceremony: "Some of the past are prefaces. Facing the future, we must build a new Foxconn in Henan."

It was reported that Foxconn may withdraw from the factory from Shenzhen and transferred the production line to India, but they were all denied by Foxconn.At the unveiling ceremony of Foxconn's new business headquarters, the first and second leaders of the Henan Provincial Party and Government attended at the same time, and it was obvious that the official attached great importance to the unveiling ceremony.

According to the top news reports of Henan Daily Newspaper Group, Foxconn's implementation strategy implemented by Foxconn is highly consistent with the "Top Ten Strategy" of Henan Province.Strategic cooperation agreement.The two sides agreed that for 5 to 10 years, the scale of Foxconn was raised to the RMB meal level.

The Shanghai Securities News reported that Foxconn's new business headquarters has a robotic industry development center, EV manufacturing development center, and battery technology development center.According to Foxconn's development strategy, in the future, it will accelerate the implementation of the three cutting -edge technologies of new energy vehicles, digital health, robots and semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and new generation of mobile communications.

Liu Yangwei said on the spot that the first level of "new" was to open a new situation for the group's industrial development of the group in mainland China; secondly, it was based on Henan and planned new ideas for strategic industry planning.Liu Yangwei said that the establishment of a new business department and expanding new industries are essentially a business."Now that we are determined to start a business again, we must fight the water and go all out to build a new Foxconn in the strategic industry in Henan Province."

Public information shows that Zhengzhou Foxconn is the world's largest smart terminal production base in Foxconn. Since its establishment in 2010, Zhengzhou Foxconn has accumulated about 60 % of the total import and export of Henan Province and 80 % of Zhengzhou.

In recent years, Foxconn has also built science and technology parks in Zhengzhou, Jiyuan, Hebi, Lancao, Zhoukou and other places. It is produced around the entire machine of Zhengzhou Aviation Port Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone.Production.Driven by Foxconn, during the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period, a total of more than 200 smart terminal related industrial chain companies settled in Zhengzhou Airport Zone and completed the investment of RMB 3,000 billion.

According to the on -site visits at the top of the top, from the current setting of the office of the division, the chairman's office, robotic industry development center, EV manufacturing development center, battery technology development center and other architecture are set up.This also means that the business coverage of Foxconn's new business department includes two major sections of electric vehicles and robots.

According to the Foxconn Technology Group display board displayed by the business department, the FoxConn 3.0 version is an industrial upgrade, which is optimized from the current situation of version 1.0 to the digital transformation of version 2.0.Foxconn 3.0 includes three innovative industries: electric vehicles, digital health, robots; three core technologies: artificial intelligence, semiconductor, new generation communication.

Among them, the electric vehicle business uses a comprehensive business model of vehicle design, key components, global manufacturing and supply chain services to meet the needs of customization and rapid development of products; in addition to the robot business, investment key robot technology, robots will also be established.The manufacturing platform assists the design and production service robot.Foxconn Technology Group implements a 3+3 strategy. From the perspective of the three major industries of electric vehicles, digital health, and robots, the market size can reach US $ 1.4 trillion in 2025.